good looking countertop appliances

i need a new toaster, a new coffee maker (so many options), and a new blender.

faced with a sea of ugly but necessary countertop appliances i made it my mission to pick out the ones that i wouldn't mind staring at me all day.


let me go over my ground rule...

#1. i like my appliances to look like appliances. i want you to go, "hey...cute toaster." not "what IS THAT!?" 


on that note...let's start with the toaster. because toast is life. 

here's what i DO know- unless you are a single person and plan on staying that way forever opt for the 4 slice toaster. it's just so much more convenient to toast all the toast at once.

here's what i also know....spend the extra cash on a well made, good looking toaster. otherwise you'll end up with only 2 working toast holes instead of 4. speaking from experience here.

i am all for color in the kitchen but i tend to want to stay away from anything other than black, white or chrome on my countertop appliances. there are exceptions as you will see. but i feel like if you're going to spend the money on good appliances the odds of you hating that pink toaster down the line are too great to take a gamble. but you do you. 


my favorite toaster is the dualit chrome 4-slice toaster. it's on the high end of the toaster game but both cook's illustrated and consumer reports rank it in the top 2. 

my second favorite toaster is the smeg. unassuming but definitely toaster-y. plus it's maybe the cutest toaster out there. 

my 3rd favorite toaster is this steam oven toaster. it's really intense yet small-ish, so as to tone down the intensity? it goes against my #1 rule of looking like the appliance it is...because this thing could be almost anything....a microwave? a toaster oven? a bread box? a mini dishwasher?

plus STEAMED toast?!  although it could be to bread what the jade egg is to the vagina.


next up is the juicer.

i am not really sure if i NEED A juicer but i want one. 

i like the hurom elite slow juicer. it looks like a juicer plus it's petite. crucial. most juicers are ginormous and i just don't need that much juice. i want to juice an apple, a carrot, a lemon and maybe 2 kale leaves...TOPS!  it also comes in rose gold (which isn't me but i can see it in so many kitchens to great effect). 


the blender. 

 the waring pro bar blender is retro simple. plus i am digging the green even though it goes against my colored kitchen appliance rule. it's well under $100 so the color gamble is worth it.  i need a blender for 2 things...soups and dranks. and most times i use an immersion blender for soups. 


coffee grinders and coffee makers.

i am in a coffee pickle.

i am currently using my chemex but am finding it to be a time suck on school mornings and am really wanting coffee in my mouth within 4 seconds of waking. 

i love the taste of my chemex coffee and i love to grind my coffee for it but....time suck.

also fiona is into coffee now and i can pop a pod for her before school right after mine.

for my coffee grinding purposes i use this one. spices too. it's classic and it works. 

but i LOVE this vintage peugeot. i might use it strictly for spices. it's just so cute. i might not actually get the purple because well, it's purple and goes against my rule but the vintage vibe is strong and might add a much needed jolt of personality to an otherwise boring kitchen. 

also comes in orange, red, sky blue, white, wood, pink, and blue

check them all out here

as for the nespresso...well...this one looks as nice as the come. coffee makers in general are too big and too ugly. but oh so necessary. i should also mention that i am not an entire pot drinker. i am one cup and done. maybe i have a little cup later around 11. so the pod thing really speaks to me. any nespresso users out there? talk to me.  

on looks alone this cuisinart single serve coffee maker is maybe the sleekest looking one i found. 



i have been converted to electric only. no more stove top kettles for me.

the hario pour over is my favorite. looks great and the spout has precision pouring. where you aim it it will go. great for the chemex which is why i bought it but also nice to drown your tea bag. i imagine it's sort of like having a penis...certainly as close as i'll ever get. 


please tell me your favorites.