january vibes

happy new year to you. 

hope you all had a wonderful holiday break.

i can't complain. i rang in the new year like a 21 year old on her 21st birthday, possibly fresh out of a convent as well. or an amish runaway.

dear christ. ready for a liver cleanse that only a hospital can provide. goop herself can't clear my liver. 

which leads me to a few new year's to do's (resolutions if you must):

1. up my water intake. i've already started. i heard that the formula for this is half your body weight in ounces. plus an additional 8 ounces for every hour you sweat and an additional 4 ounces for every glass of wine. if you're me that's a fuck load of water. 81 if i'm drinking wine and working out for an hour. which is most days. 


2. ingest more lemons and turmeric. going to shoot for a hot water concoction involving these two every day. after coffee of course. 


3. i'm going to switch back to a mineral foundation and cleaner beauty products in general. my skin is acting funny. stay tuned for a detox beauty product round-up. 


4. listen more. i don't know. i just feel it's something that covers a lot of area for me. 


5. hire lawn service. 



january vibes:

rhododendron chandelier - really love the size of this thing.

french vintage mini posters of nice - instant art wall.

sandberg raphael green wallpaper - 7 rolls of this up for grabs for discount.

lavender velvet parisi style sofa - so perfect.

chinese art deco rug 9 x 12 - i just really love these rugs. this one is stunning.  

ecco bella day cream - a part of my skin detox routine. pretty wonderful stuff. 

eugenia kim cap - january is hat month. 

snake andirons- january is fire month. 

michel vivien heeled mid calf boots - first off all that color. second i am really enjoying the mid calf height. i'd wear them with sweatpants tucked in. and that hat. 

turquoise rotary dial phone - i told fiona her first phone was for communication only. this should do the trick. comes in pink too. 

betsy youngquist beaded cross with eye - i am obsessed with this artist's work. see more here

vintage metal and brass trinket boxes - these are really good looking and priced to sell.