friday thangs

how's your fall decor? 

mine is nothing. i have one of those blue hued pumpkins inside on a dresser. 

i need to step up my game. i mean, not drill-8billionholesin25pumpkins-game...but i will at least get some big orange ones to carve for the halloween. and i think i have a hanging ghoul somewhere. 

things you will not see in my house: pumpkinscapes, hay, BANNERS that say: "fall", "boo", or "trick-or-treat" banners period, the word "gather" written on anything ESPECIALLY in chalk.

things you will find: a half eaten bowl of candy, liquor, a blue hued pumpkin, a hanging ghoul, real cats. 




here's a pretty good halloween playlist.


drinking cures from around the world. and morning recovery- "your liver's new best friend". i ordered 6. i'll let you know how it works. 


the dangerous case of donald trump. anyone read this? anyone want to? i might rather we all spend our money to hire a hit man. i kid!!!!!!!!!! (side eye). 


this artist's work


this article on sexual harassment will speak to you. 


I AM DEAD- LOOK at this place


child of the 80's? this this this


have a great weekend.