friday things

this little vintage bathroom gives me all the feels.

god bless the folks who work with the old instead of get rid of it. 

see full house tour here.



is it wrong to want a $1200 beaded bandana



i am transitioning my closet back to it's cold weather state and have discovered a shocking truth- i am severely lacking basic fucking clothing. i mean i have 3 pair of jeans. THREE. that's it. and one pair sucks. i need sweaters. jeans. basics. accessories to up the basics game (like a $1200 bandana). and i need to seeeee my clothes. i need your closet organizing tips. halp. 


speaking of organizing....this is on my 'christmas list 2017' which i will be sharing here soon. it's fucking epic. 


and finally...wanna know what my halloween costume is this year?


have a lovely weekend. i will be in asheville having my period and peeping leaves.