fun with cheap sofas - pt. 1

when i say cheap i mean the kind that you find at a second hand/craigslist/consignment type place that is built to last but, say, is in need of reupholstering. not the cheap sofas you buy at certain big box stores that are made with shitty materials and no attention to construction and/or durability. 

that said there might be a time in your life when you actually would prefer to have a more temporary sofa in situ. what with kid barf and dog poop and all. i get it. we are hopefully past that phase so i felt comfortable throwing a little money at a sofa a few years ago. beautiful fabric in a custom colorway, down cushions all that stuff...on a sofa that i bought for $150. it was made mid century by a reputable furniture maker and it's built like a tank. if i had to do it all over i'd have changed one thing...a deeper seat. take that to heart folks. but i needed the sofa bad and was tired of waiting for the "right sofa" to show up on craigslist. nevertheless, it's still comfy and cozy and i love the shit out of it. 


so i was looking for similar sofas on chairish and found a few for around a grand or less that i felt had a vibe that was totally workable if you did it right. that way you could lay around on them in your formative years and reupholster them later when you were ready. 


i tend to believe almost any sofa would look good if you styled it right with the right pillows but i thought this peach and cream sofa was super cute and i could TOTALLY live with it for a spell. plus it's $675! i paired it with a fun and bold wallpaper with grounding navy and a punch of coral to compliment the peach in the sofa. some sexy brass lamps, a BIG ashley woodson bailey print makes a statement, a soft, textured rug in peach, green and pink, and no one loves peach and yellow more than this girl so i went with peachy pinks and golden yellows in the pillows. l. to r. - pair of velvet pillows, textured pillow, round floral pillow, pink sabra pillow, and the table is from serena and lily. i love it's squareness. pop a bunch of books up top, your favorite glass dish and a pretty vase of flowers and you've got yourself a design moment.  

the sofa is giving me 70's palm beach vibes which i'd probably cut with black walls and large portrait photography. the sofa is only $625! i'd put some really tall, fun lamps in there (not these because they are close to $5k), i'd have some chinoiserie something, a brass and glass table perhaps, a big, bold rug, and a circus of pillows. l. to r. pair of pink velvet pillows, yellow and green ikat velvet pillow, green with gold fringe pillow, pair of black velvet pillows with greek key trim


how you like?


i've found a few other sofas that i will cobbling together with pretty things in the coming days.