saturday things

i have 3 new jellies for sale exclusively through chairish. all ink, watercolor and acrylic on 18 x 24 paper. 


i grammed about this cake and promise you it's the best cake on earth. and i'm not even one of those pumpkin errthang bitches. 


dunn edwards color of the year. i'm into it. 


it's come to this


i'm dying to try this foundation. i'm almost out of my current foundation - which i LOVE but i also love switching things up! anyone try it? i've heard it's "the best". 


speaking of makeup...this is a great makeup tutorial on how to wear dark lipstick. not how to apply it per se...more how to do the rest of your face to support the dark color. it's the season of the dark lip after all. all of her makeup tutorials are awesome. pro tip- if you're having trouble getting sleepy, watch them. something about her voice and the slow motion of makeup application makes me soooo sleepy. 


live in atlanta? here is a list of the best haunted houses. that first that like where they stick you in a coffin and lock you in for a few minutes? no thanks. seriously. i'm all for a chainsaw chasing me at the end but that?! i'll poop my pants the old fashioned way thank you. 


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