friday things

i have been working on some new canvas paintings which has been liberating since i took a big break from them for a year. there are 3 large canvas paintings currently for sale in my shop. 


i know it's not even thanksgiving, but given the current state of the world i think you're going to see more and more people getting their holiday on earlier. for the first time in my life i want to decorate ALL THE THINGS in my house. i want it to look like the north fucking pole up in this bitch. i am starting with these red flocked trees. don't think i won't. 

 if you aren't into it yet...check out my pinterest board for all manner of yule.


kendall jenner giving me excellent holiday party outfit inspiration


sweet jesus i am making these for the holidays. 


i'm hankering for this coat. ok this one too. 


thanksgiving dinner on two sheet pans. revolutionary. i on the other hand am smoking a turkey on my green egg. 


make it stop


 these ornaments are awesome. 


i want to eat this chili and cornbread right now. 


 this bagel spread looks like an easy and delicious idea for a breakfast/brunch to feed the masses. 


this is my newest favorite fashion blog


and finally....this makeup tutorial couldn't be more appropriate this time of year. 


have a wonderful weekend.