you guys this coat is on everyone's wish list. mine included. it's affordable and looks cozy. the temps dropped into the 30's the other day here in atlanta which is CRAZY for october and i was ill prepared. 


this cute sweater looks more $$ than it is. love the puffy sleeve. 


this sweet cardigan is currently on my must have sweater list. i'd pair it with cropped leather pants and a leopard turtleneck


i want to be a scarf person. i fancy them tied around wrists as jewelry, or wrapped around a hair bun. necks too, sure. this leopard and stripe combo reminds me of clare vivier without the CV price tag. 


you guys! now us big tittied babes can haz a bralette


i can't stop thinking about these boots. they're going on my christmas list. they aren't cheap but i feel like they are just one of those items that would only get better over time and never ever go out of style. 


and finally...let me tell you about a glow. have you guys used the ordinary? i needed a new vitamin c serum and this one came highly recommended. when i saw the price i nearly fainted. under 10 bucks?! AYFKM?! i read a few reviews and was sold. also at $5.80 it didn't matter. i read that combining the vitamin c serum with their resveratrol and ferulic acid serum was the way to go. which is $7.90. i made the mistake of using too much the first time and had to wipe a lot of it away. but once i got the amounts right it was like whoa. for me it's a one tiny squirt of the vitamin c serum and 2 drops of the resveratrol and ferulic acid serum. i don't even need moisturizer after i use it. it's a great primer for makeup. and my skin seriously glowed like with no other product i've ever used. this brand is so cheap i bought the rosehip oil (for facial massage and night time repair), the caffeine solution (for puffiness and dark circles and i have to say it drastically reduces puffiness. i don't suffer from dark circles too bad so i didn't notice much difference there but the puffiness is real for me and this totally helps.) and the salicylic acid for fiona's hormonally charged skin. she just started using it last night so i'll let you know if it works. have you tried anything from the ordinary? i'd love to know which ones you used and loved or didn't love.