mfamb 2017 gift guide - for him

your favorite and your best gift guides are here!

nothing on my lists haven't been used, perused, sniffed, touched, considered followed by late nights at my second job- internet researcher or they are things i just really really want for myself.

first up is the man guide. because they are notoriously hard to buy for. mainly because they all seem to say they don't want anything. mine just wants more sex or more underwear or "nothing, i don't need anything but more money". so that's fun.

1. converse chuck taylor black mono - i think most guys want more shoes. they just don't own it the way women do. shoes and sunglasses. as i was researching men's shoes mike anderson passed by my desk and said "ooooh those are cool." i would agree. 

2. L:A bruket shaving cream - no straight guy would buy themselves $42 shave cream. but you would. smells like laurel (which is good i think) protects and moisturizes with organic ingredients and delivers a calming and healing effect. 

3. your cabin in the woods by conrad meinecke - this one speaks for itself. for the guy who loves the outdoors and building shit. also for you because you secretly (or not so secretly) want your own cabin in the woods. 

In writing both practical and inspirational, Meinecke details how to turn your cabin dream into a reality, from choosing land to using tools to the basics of construction. He provides hand-drawn floor plans for a variety of cabins, from a simple two-room to a more complex long house. A number of sections focus on the best way to build fireplaces, both indoors and out. He also provides instructions for basic furniture, lighting, and other touches that make a cabin feel like home. Throughout are Meinecke's thoughts on ways to enjoy your new-found space, from hearty fireplace recipes to the types of wood for a perfect fire and the beauty found in birdsong.

4. district vision yukari g15 sunglasses - these are the type of sunglasses guys like. hiding all aspects of eyeball. comfy on the face. 

5. you guys! taco holders!! - okay like this shit doesn't bother me. i don't care if my taco falls over and everything spills out. i'll just scoop it up with my fingers like a cavewoman and shove it in my mouth. my husband on the other hand all but cries when his tacos don't stand up. gift! 

6. national parks and federal recreational lands annual pass - this one never would have occurred to me but i asked around. for just 80 bucks you can give the gift of access to a national park that is honored nationwide at national park service, forest service, US fish and wildlife service, bureau of land management, and bureau of reclamation recreation sites charging day-use or entrance fees.

7. beboe cannabis pastilles - i'll just sit here and wait for the rest of the US to catch up while you california residents give the best stocking stuffer ever. 

8. anderson and sheppard floral print wool pocket square - none of the guys in my guy circle own a pocket square.  it feels like one of those items that he needs at the last minute to elevate his suit lewk but he can't bc he'd never buy one for himself. so gift it.

9. & 10. men's classic fleece and classic french terry sweatpants - ah sweatpants. everlane makes quality stuff. i still have all of my sweatshirts that i bought several years ago and they are completely intact if not better. 

11. hanes men's red label 3-pack x-temp active cool long leg boxer brief, assorted - my husband's choice. "these are tight enough to support while still being comfortable. don't get too loose from wearing, etc. loose boxers were a thing when i was in college, but a man needs support. sleep in loose unders. do manly shit in these." there you have it. 

12. champion sports leather medicine ball - i gave this to him 2 years ago and he is in the backyard every day throwing it as high in the air as he can and catching it or throwing it at trees. it sounds like gorillas are mating but he loves it. i asked what the best part was- "convenient and great way to do many resistance exercises. challenging and fun as hell. when not exercising, awesome for foot stool or can be a friend like wilson from cast away."

13. derek rose crawford shearling-lined harris tweed slippers - he'll like them because he'll be all cary grant vibes (or thurston howell the third vibes) you'll like the because there's no clomping. soft soles. 

14. oversize wool coat - much like the pocket square no dads in the dad circle have a dress coat. at least not one that is current and stylish. this one is very nice and very affordable. mango makes a quality product guys. it's my go to when mike anderson needs to look nice. 

15. buly 1803 generaux d'empire home fragrance set - for his personal man space. no fire or sticks in a jar involved. just a few drops of the scented oil on a pumice stone.

The sweet blend of Rose Petals, Blackcurrant and Rosemary layers over rich Cedar, Patchouli and Musk and is spiked with fresh Peppermint - it will captivate and invigorate without overwhelming.

16. the century trilogy by ken follet - mike has read these back to back. i read pillars of the earth and can say it is one of the most memorable books i've ever read. 

17. v76 detox bar soap - sounds like a dream: 

This Detox Bar Soap gently exfoliates to wash away impurities, absorb excess oil and lift dead cells, leaving skin prepped for a closer, smoother shave. Notes of Lime, Ginger and Vetiver that will linger long after you've cleansed. 


that's it guys. hope you found something to gift! 


i'll be back on friday with another gift guide! this one for the ladies in your life. 

have a happy holiday!