friday things

these boots by chanel come in the prettiest jewel tones. but my heart belongs to this combo.

i love the mid calf rise. but i can't afford them for one second. 


i think the entire world is watching stranger things. if you're not you're missing out. it's pretty spectacular this season. i mean last season (the first season) was great. awesome. but this season is even better. the kid actors far outweigh the adults in natural ability. apart from sean astin. he is killing it. we only just finished episode 4 so no spoilers! 

and here's a good list of some shows you should watch. 


remember when i told you about this? i drank one halloween night and i have to say i actually felt good when i woke up the next day. i didn't drink a ton of alcohol (1 whole bottle of wine over the course of about 6 hours) but enough that i probably would've been slow to start and groggy the next day with a little bit of a headache. but i woke with none of that. i was a little bit sleepy and didn't want to get out of bed but i chalk that up to just a later than usual bedtime. so the verdict is still out on whether this works after a bender kind of night. but it definitely works on a whole bottle of wine. if you want to order it i say do it quick bc shipping takes forever. 


and that's all that's fit to print.

have a gorgeous first weekend in november.