hi friends. i very much enjoy this kitchen by devol. frankly i enjoy 99.9999% of their kitchens.  

it's christmas in a matter of minutes and there isn't one gift under our tree. this is because we are not really doing gifts this year, not a lot anyway. we're getting a phone for fiona- her first- and a few books and, like, a space poster and a k-pop thing or two. i'm having anxiety over it. somewhere deep down i want there to be TONS of presents under the tree for her but i know this is bad. right? plus my almost 13 yo knows there is no santa even thought we haven't come out and actually said it. it's all just making my mom heart sad. 

my mantel never got greenery because i couldn't decide between the crazy expensive magnolia or shedding, pee-smelling pine so i stormed out like corky st. clair when the city council won't give him what he wants. our tree fell down on the 8th day of christmas or thereabouts breaking about 25 ornaments (including my brand new french fry ornament) and i haven't replaced any of them. there are pine needles everywhere and i don't care. only i do i'm just saying i don't because it's liberating to do so. even if i am a lying liar.

i was invited to more holiday parties this year than almost any year ever and i was only able to make it to one because OLD. but i wore a sweet velvet frock and purple velvet platforms and my makeup was great. 

i feel like i'm drowning most days. but i'm trying to just be grateful for all of it. i'm really loving my st. john's wort right now as well as this product followed by this one. then makeup followed by a spritz of this to set. i am one dewy bitch. 

for 2018 i am looking to change things up a bit.

here are a few things i plan on doing: 

i've already started by unfollowing a lot of young, vapid, pretty people on instagram. it was an easy confidence boost. 

read this book because it sounds right. 

also read the classics. and marie kondo the shit out of my closets and the garage. 

i plan on doing the food lover's cleanse again. because it's great and my whole family enjoyed it. and there's zero deprivation. it's more about portion control and healthy ingredients. it's an excellent re-set to healthy eating habits. 

and last but not least this haircut sooner than later. 


have a wonderful holiday. we'll catch up soon.