setting a holiday table

this year i'm going for a non traditional festive look for my christmas table.

 i want it to look like your italian granny, a sugar plum fairy and cabana magazine birthed it. 

like so..

a little jewel, a little kitsch, a lot of juxtaposing patterns, some murano perhaps. why does no one use finger bowls anymore? i say clean your fingers like a dowager. and what about place cards? let's do that too. 

here's how:


set of 8 colorful vintage cordials (finger bowls all day) (unless you drink cordial) (DO YOU drink CORDIAL?!) (should I be drinking cordial??!!!)

hand blown glasses - set of 6 (would be great as votives too)

antique petite trophies - set of 7 (i don't even know what you'd do with these? fill them with candy? fake snow? salt cellar? i just know they are adorable and festive.)

vintage eiffel tower placecard/menu holders - set of 6


green dessert plates - set of 5 (these have been hugely marked down)

moroccan elephant tea glasses (also great votives)

moroccan red tea glasses - set of 6


the cool thing is you may already have some of this stuff. or you know an old lady who does. 

the trick is to mix it like boss. 

images via instagram: margherita missoni, rebecca gardner and cabana magazine

in other news...

we have snow! it will last 1 hour but still! SNOW. and i made soup and there's plenty of wine. what more could you ask for?

* i wrote this post on thursday and forgot to publish it. because dumb. 

* also we still have snow. lots of it.