my current skincare routine

i often am asked about this so here it is. 

so i wash my face at night only. then in the am i just use a warm to hot cloth to refresh my skin.

i then will either do a mask (depending on the day, or how my skin is acting or if i did bad things to it the night before like booze it up and smoke) or i will just go straight to moisturizer and make up.


in the pm i wash, tone and depending on the day either do my regular moisturizer or retin A.


here are the products:

glossier milky jelly cleanser

this is what i use to wash my face. its a gentle cleanser that completely removes make up. 

i massage it into my face dry and then add a little water to emulsify it again and massage some more. then i use a cloth to wipe it all away.  it feels super clean and soft and not at all stripped away. but bc i like-a-the-makeup i follow with a cotton pad saturated with this:

thayer's witch hazel cucumber flavor

it's really gentle and smells great. my skin tends to be oily so i prefer the cucumber.

but if you are dry i would use the rose. it's much more hydrating. 

you can skip this step if you don't wear make up. some people think using a toner strips the skin too much. i think it depends on the toner.  i like to judge such things based on how my own skin looks and feels. 


peter thomas roth vitamin c cream

this is my moisturizer am and pm.

i know i've talked about this before but i am still in love with it and think it's highly effective.

my skin knows when i run out. i've purchased this back to back 3 times that's how much i love it. 

it has faded my sun damage and gives me that dewey glow (i am complimented on this aspect daily). plus it does all that other stuff it says on the label. 


retin A cream

i have really come to terms with this stuff and think everyone should put it on their face.

when i first was prescribed it by my dermatologist i was told to use it 3 nights a week. 

at first i was like oh this is great. my skin has never looked so good. then the shitty stuff started happening that everyone talked about. the peeling, breakouts, redness, looking like you have more wrinkles than like everyone else, we broke up.

then i stumbled across a woman who told me i was doing it all wrong. 

so i took her advice, got a calendar and penciled in the new days that i would be using it.

month 1 - one day a week.

month 2 - 2 days a week. 

month 3 - 3 days a week.

and so on and so forth.

i am currently on month 3 and i can say that i have had FAR less of those side effects.

very minimal peeling that i can exfoliate away in a matter of seconds. ZERO redness or  patchiness, no breakouts (not due to the retin A in any case, i can't quit chocolate though) and as for the wrinkles, well people ask me all the time why i don't have any. 

i use the 0.05%. there are levels. i think this is a good introductory percentage.

if you know you are hella sensitive you can ask for 0.025%. your dermatologist can help you here.

the goal is to work your way up to the strongest. but the woman i spoke about earlier didn't start using the strongest (0.1%)(i think?) until year 2. so i think going slow really is the way to do it. 

anyway...get on it. 


tata harper restorative eye cream

i will never be without it. 

this stuff has actually replaced under eye concealer for me.

it's not cheap but it's SO concentrated you really only need a pin dot size.

it's really luminous. and very moisturizing without being sticky. 

any excess gets swiped onto my cupid's bow and down the bridge of my nose. instant highlighter. i'm telling you. never without.


milk makeup sunshine skin tint

buildable, radiant coverage. 

plus it's spf 30 and there is nothing i hate more than having to wear sunscreen over my moisturizer. i hate putting too many layers on my skin. it's helpful for me when it's in my make up. 

there are loads of shades available. i wear fair with pink undertones.

it comes in a pump with roller ball. which at first was weird but i've come to love it.

i just pump it a few times and glide it all over my face. you can just use your fingers or i like to use the beauty blender. then i spritz with caudalie and blend some more. 

i glow so hard. 



masks and zit rescue:


glamglow youthmud mask

guys i have tried a TON of masks. even some of the really and truly expensive ones (i'm looking at you sk II and la mer) and this one hands down will make you look like you actually spent an hour with a facialist. 

i use this only before a night out where i want my skin to look super awesome.

it's relatively inexpensive but there is very little in the container which is kind of annoying. all in i'd say you get about 6, maybe 7? applications.

it really will take your skin from drab to WTFJUSTHAPPENEDILOOKAMAZING.


peter thomas roth rose stem cell mask

for all those other mask needs.

super hydrating. firming, toning...also dare i say plumping?

i smear this all over...even under my eyes.

the instructions say 10 minutes are all you need.

i need an hour. some people say sleeping in it gives you the best results. i have yet to try that. but based on my own time research i'd say that is highly possible. 

i use this a lot more than i should. 



murad acne spot treatment

does the job and doesn't smell like farts. 

zit usually gone in 1 to 2 days. 



and that's it! i promise i use these product daily and swear by them. i have loads of products on my sink that i try and hate. so if i am sharing it's because i want you to know about them. well, and because you ask.