lots of people looked really good but...

my favorites were these 3-


she is crazy beautiful but how she pulled this off is a great mystery. but she did and i bow down. 


kiki d always manages edgy and pretty really well. i'm a fan. 


i can't really say i love the dress but she looks amazing. i'm not sure if that's a necklace or if it's attached but either way i think it adds to it in the best way. and her hair and makeup are perfection. 


the worst is this- 


i mean...i can't.

first of all the real crime here is that hair. it's just...weird. and really really unattractive on a perfectly stunning woman.

the color of that dress looks good on no one or nothing. even butter that pale usually sucks.

it looks like she's been cooked in a sous vide machine. 

people need to stop wearing gucci on the red carpet. it just doesn't look good on almost anyone.