i'm really into that outdoor table. i saw it on remodelista? maybe? anyway...looks easy enough to construct right? 


are you planting things yet? it's prime planting season here in atlanta. 

i'd like to plant these amazing yellow dahlia bulbs somewhere and these giant elephant ears in pots.


i'm really into this outfit from mango. top and pants.


how cute is this leopard hair tie


you guys i bought this because i tried a sample and was blown away by the effects.

completely smoothed my skin out, erased pimples, glow for days...not even remotely exaggerating. i never gave it much thought as i applied it every am/pm before moisturizer but like 5 days later i looked in the mirror and was like....what have i been doing? my skin looks really really good. like no make up good. anyway....i was legitimately frightened when my sample ran out. so i bought it


how cute is this rug? reminds me of my bowls


this mirror shelf thing is pretty darn cute. perfect for a small entry or powder. 


kinda into the whole mismatched earring trend. these are a steal


hope you have a glorious weekend. fiona's spring break officially starts today so we are headed to asheville for a few days.