anthro goodness

some new and good at anthro y'all...


mineral dessert plate - i love them all but if i have to choose i'm all over that pink. i'd probably use it for rings and such on my sink. too pretty to keep in a cabinet. 


estienne sheet set - i just love these. so cheerful.


flowers wall art - that blue is amazing. 


rifle paper co. terai chair - a casual dining vibe. 


adelina tea towel- this will shift the focus from anything ugly that stands out in your kitchen (my whole kitchen). 


bright bowl - so many uses but i'd think i'd also fill mine with limes. 


pictoral dessert plates- these are just happiness. 


polished watering can - would look so pretty in a windowsill or on a counter next to your herbs.


how to pack - i need this. dare i say...we all need this?



don't forget the pop up happening today at furbish. lots of goodies for your wall. 

11 AM EST.