beach vibes beach vibes beach vibes!

truth: i don't love the beach.

i LOVE the ocean and get the same sense of peace and calm and one-with-the-earth shit that most people get....but i don't love to sit around in the sun and sand watching leather skinned beach hippies drink beer out of coozies all day. 

i just get bored and hot and ugh. 

that said, i probably just haven't been to the right beach.

all this to say i am going to the beach in june and i am pinteresting the shit out of all the things. 

1. who doesn't want all the tassel earrings the internet offers?

a. i don't want to pay a ton and b. they must be GINORMOUS. otherwise, why bother?

these, these and these


2. a fun giant beach towel is a must. is the best at everything that you don't know you want but you definitely do. 


3. a sexy, comfy bikini that will hold my girls in place is mandatory. also the perfect one piece for the days after all the all you can eat seafood and margaritas. don't knock a cut out one piece til you try it. v. slimming. 

bikini top and bottoms.


4. dis kooky eye mini tote. so you can simultaneously repel bad energy while everyone asks where got it. 


5. a summer scent to remember your time. white peacock lily sounds about right: 

"Pale blue fog hangs in the far woodlands," is how D.S. & Durga describes this feminine 'White Lilly Peacock' Eau de Parfum. It's a floral scent that opens with Grapefruit Pith, Cabreuva Rouge and Oleander. A bouquet of Alabaster Violet, Egyptian Jasmine and White Lily Cream intensifies to a warm base of Fog, Vanilla and Liquid Ambrette Seed.


6. jorts i can't quit you. 


7. a clutch that says i'm on vacation. 


8. white lace everything


8. and striped espadrilles to round everything out. 


oh, and basically anything from mara hoffman. primarily this yellow and white striped jumpsuit.