kitchen of the day

it's been a while since i posted a k.o.t.d. 

that's only because none have been that great or interesting to me.

seems like every kitchen looks the same these days. 

i mean can you even deal with that sink up there?!

THAT'S what i'm talking about.

also it's small. i like small kitchens.

see more of this great house here


in other news...

do you know about no lipo lipo? as a devout tracy anderson worshiper i have toned my body within an inch of it's life. in the only way TAM can- no bulk, long lean muscles, and a perky pillow butt. but i still have a lot of loose skin on my belly from where i gained 85 lbs while pregnant. yes...85. i was 200lbs when fiona was born. about 50 of it was boob. needless to say my belly was enormous and stretched to fit a 9lb baby with a giant head.

all that loose skin pregnancy left behind has been REALLY hard to get rid of if not impossible.

i've always hated it because it surrounds some truly outstanding ab work. 

i came across no lipo lipo somehow and was like what the? 

i gave it a shot and i can say without a doubt that i have already lost at least an inch off said belly. 

here's what it is in a nutshell...

a deep tissue knuckle massage you do yourself. 

i start with the sisal mit to dry brush my entire body, then add a little oil to my arms, tummy and legs, and go to town on the cellulite and loose skin. 

there is a dvd to walk you through all the massage techniques and steps. 

learn more about the whole thing here

i also got the facercise dvd. haven't tried it yet. will report back. 

as for the no lipo lipo this is the package i bought

fair warning- the first time i did it i woke up with bruises all over my arms and legs. not sure if i did it too hard ( i don't think so) or if it was just par for the course. either way the bruises are gone and they haven't returned applying the same pressure. 

i do it every morning. and it takes a while...about 30 minutes. i do it right after school run and before work. some people shower in the morning....i am a nighttime bather so i don't shower after (it's recommended that you dry brush, shower, massage) but i don't like that excess oil on me so right after i take a hot washcloth and wipe it away. but, if you are a morning bather then do this just before your shower. or employ my technique...i believe they call it a "whore's bath". i've been called worse. 


have a great weekend.