for the home

set of 4 vintage french brass cups - these are diminutive. perfect of lipgloss or q-tips or toothpicks or....tequila shots. 


cabrillo quilt - good wall hanging if that's your thing. that thing you need when someone tells you you need texture and pattern but are a commitment-phobe. i'd drape it over a white sofa or a small table or a headboard. super chill vibes. 


french tiger chaise lounge - really anywhere you see fit. but if i could i'd put this in a big ol' bathroom. 


vintage moroccan rug - maybe the best looking rug i've seen in a while. 


pair of vintage sea sponges - for your summer 'scaping needs. (table? mantel? bookshelves? cabinets of curiosity? baskets of sea ephemera? general collecting?)


monogrammed glass cocktail mixer - or glass for wine if you're me. if JSG aren't your initials who cares? ummm...JustSayGulp, Jenny'SGlass...


vintage picnic basket - as good looking as a basket gets.