if i had a farmhouse

i don't think it's a surprise to any of you that my dream is to have a home in the country.  i am not married to any one style, but there are criteria...and yet i am flexible. if i'm putting my foot down the house has to be old. before 1930. 2 stories. 4-5 bedrooms. somewhat crumbling, but only in the good parts....think peeling wallpaper not holes in the roof. an out building that would be used as an event space in the future. oh, i have plans. think supper clubs not weddings. 

mostly it would just be a weekend escape (or week should the need arise) for anyone who wants to go. probably primarily me but also you.

in terms of the style/decor as i said- not married to anything because the house itself would decide which direction i went in but in my head it's classic american farmhouse meets european farmhouse. white painted floors (depending on the condition of the floors. stone floors wouldn't suck), white walls but i'd probably wallpaper something and would love some antique floor tiles somewhere. kitchen? mudroom? entry? 

one thing i DO know is i would never put any finish or fixture in it that didn't look like it belonged there. no custom cabinetry. no serge mouille lighting. not that i don't love me some serge but just not in my farmhouse. 


i have lots of inspiration that i've accumulated. brace yourselves. 



did i mention mown paths through wild grasses? that too ok?


for the inside...just nothing too shiny...