friday things

my jaw fell on the floor when i saw this seaside cabin on the riviera.

holy cow it's a dream. read about it here


this wallpaper. cheap, removable and delightful. 


this purifying shampoo is awesome. the smell is intoxicating and it made both my color treated hair and fiona's tween hair (grease and dandruff) bouncy and clean and soft. i didn't even have to use conditioner on her hair. 


mansplaining y'all. it's so real and so gross and men don't even know they do it. this video of a new yorker contributor and panel moderator mansplaining a female scientist's own theories...TO enough to make you want to hurl an axe at his head. an audience member finally shouts "let her speak!" FF to 1:05:00.


your weekend cocktail: i still swear by this g&t


i will never tire of looking at this garden. those irises. but really everything. the mist, the light, the green. 


have a great weekend. ok?