amazon prime day picks

first of all let me say that i am not entirely sure what the prime day thing is...isn't every day prime day if you have amazon prime? that said after perusing through the "prime day" offerings and entering my searches i think the gist is that select items are simply on sale, if you are a prime member. so, yeah...i suppose if you aren't a prime member you're S.O.L. but also not really because their picks were about as exciting as starting your period the day you're invited to a pool party. 

so what i did was find all the things i have ordered and re-ordered on amazon and made sure they were available for prime. regardless of price. but most of the items i chose are pretty cheap to begin with. however, i did manage to find some useful and worthy items that were on sale as part of prime day. 


yeah, i posted about this last week. lait creme concentrate is my new favorite moisturizer. the price is right, and the quality feels a whole lot more expensive than it is. it's not on sale but it's still under $20 and available for prime. 


i recently heard this stuff is pretty miraculous at growing your lashes (especially if you've had extensions and your natural lashes are almost non existent). you can read about that here

the results aren't overnight and most say they didn't see results til about a month in. i'm ok with that as i have nowhere to go but up. 



best dry body brush ever. if you've never dry brushed before i recommend a softer bristle but if you are a die hard like me this is the one you want. 



this is why my bleached hair is so healthy and soft for bleached hair. every time i go in for color my girl is're hair is in such good condition and feels so soft. i use olaplex once a week and leave it on overnight and most of the next day. 



black pendant light. under $40. cute as hell. 



need about four thousand of these

the south is hard. 



the movie was decent enough to make me want to read the book


pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. i use mine all the time. if you don't own one now's your chance. the good ones are at least $50. this one is on sale for $26.  pro tip- never cook tomatoes in your cast iron skillet. 


dis candle smell goooooood. 

"Scandalously scented with black currant, green apple, wormwood, patchouli, and moss. Earthy but couture—it's a tempting taboo to inhale! And when the candle burns out, the porcelain vessel makes the perfect stash box."


mrs. stewart's liquid bluing for the whitest sheets. (seriously, has anyone used this? my sheets are looking like a serial killer slept in them after burying all his victims.)


makeup brushes. jump on this. this IS part of the prime day thing and it's halfway claimed. this is a $65 set on sale for $15. 



a $0.99 country living mag subscription. i'm getting it. 


did you score any deals? send them my way.