kitchen of the day

it's gigantic. which in reality i'm not sure i'd like. i'd have to have parties all the time to justify all that space. or workshops with lots of dance breaks.

oh who am i kidding?! i'd get used to that space in about 4 minutes. such a considered design. the floors with that black larger-than-life island, the mix of traditional kitchen cabinets and free standing furniture, the molding, those doors/windows. if i could change anything it would be that shiny brass faucet. i'd tone it down a notch. i know everyone loves their brass kitchens these days but i'm just so sick of seeing it that i have developed an aversion to it. i DO like the pulls. i can't decide if i love the lighting or hate it. 


from devol kitchens (a glorious site to peruse for kitchen inspiration).