friday things

this old photo of flight attendants taking a smoke break (on the plane!) is my weekend vibe.


lately i've saved the coarse coffee grounds from my chemex brew to use as a body scrub. guess what? it's every bit as effective as this stuff. only it's essentially free. it doesn't smell as good. it smells like day old brewed coffee grounds which isn't a bad thing really. you could totally add a few drops of an essential oil (orange would be nice) and a spoonful of coconut oil if you wanted. i don't. i'm just there to slough and tone. i think it's important that the grounds be coarse. and if you don't brew your coffee that way i'd buy the cheapest organic coffee you can find and grind it at the store or at home if you're able. whole foods has a grinder. just set that sumbitch to coarse and you're done. and you have twice the amount of the frank body for a lot less money. the only caveat is it is messy. and it has clogged my shower drain. a small price to pay for tightened baby soft skin.



i've decided to take my yard one project at a time. there are so many things that need to be done that it really overwhelms me and i feel helpless. so...while it's not necessarily a novel idea it is one that has put me back in the driver's seat. it's like "i'll deal with this area now and ignore the rest to the best of my ability." like if i was a duggar and all my kids were terrible i couldn't deal with all of them at once so i just pick one to focus on. first up on the list of problems is the hell strip. i feel like this is something i can tackle pretty easily. i think i just need a good tiller and some drought tolerant plants.

the photo above is a hell strip i pass a couple times a week to get coffee and it's a bit all over the place but i like it. it always makes me happy and i look forward to walking by it. (it really is the little things young people) i always want to stop and pull the weeds but i don't. it's full of english ivy, a few mounds of blue fescue, sedum, coneflower, mint, some kind of seuss-y vine-y things which could be weeds but are delightful nonetheless and lamb's ears i's all just....nice. everyone says not to plant mint or ivy but i'm ok with it looking overgrown and i am happy to cut back mint to use for pesto and cocktails. 

i mean look at this hell strip-

i'd love my gardener friends to advise me, not so much on plants to choose but how to begin. 




umm. we eat a lot of nutella around here and it's loaded with sugar. i mean loaded. i've tried a lot of homemade recipes and none of them are close. this one by jamie oliver looks like it might be a winner. it uses melted chocolate for one...and a lot of it. it also uses cream and butter. which i am ok with. i'd rather have more fat than sugar. i aim to give it a go. 


and finally...

i've just listed a few works on sale in my shop

have a peek and see if there's something you like. 


have nice wknd.