weekend vibes

from the instagram accounts of some of my favorites: 

charlie mccormick - anna spiro - cabana magazine - lulu dk - katie armour taylor

michelle r. smith - rebecca de ravenel 

pink plates here


it's supposed to be the hottest day yet here in atlanta. my plan is to stay inside. 

in other news- i've been having the weirdest/most intense/vivid dreams these last few nights. anyone else? 

also- i find this dress to be a win. color is nice (great with a tan), price is right (bc to me it looks more $$ than it is), the fit is flattering for all body types bc it accentuates all the right parts, you could easily dress this up with statement earrings and a sleek sandal. 

if you follow me on instagram i recently did a whole instagram stories on this cookbook.

it's really one of my favorites. and totally worth checking out. it fits the way i like to cook which is seasonally and inspired. i get real bummed when i have to cook the same things over and over. it's set up alphabetically by vegetable, which is great because i go to the store and just buy what vegetables are in season and in mass quantity (usually the cheapest) and go to the book and look up whatever vegetable i aim to use and see what delightful recipe he has written for said vegetable. there are loads of meat dishes too. there is so much more to this book though than just recipes. there are also gardening tips and samples of his diary whilst building his garden. 

ok then. stay cool.