amateur kitchens part 2

so which kitchen did i pick from yesterday's post? let me say first that i love that so many of you all know me so well. that's cool. 

the truth is none of the kitchens blew my face off. know what i mean? i liked them all. and thought each were leaps and bounds better than what i got going on in my own house. but there wasn't one that i wouldn't have changed a bit to meet my own taste. still, i did pick a favorite. 


the almost winner but not....

so the hawaii kitchen- most of you picked this as my pick and yes, i loved (most of) it. reader shauna said- "(you love a deconstructed kitch full of crap, I mean utensils and stuff ; )"  

too true. 

but the problem with this one was a. a fundamental lack of images. and b. corrugated metal! 

and i get that the folks behind this kitchen are homesteaders and into repurposing which i think is awesome but corrugated metal walls just aren't for me. also this kitchen falls into the category of i like to look, i'd like to visit, would make a great beach vacay rental-  but the reality is for my every day i do need a bit less clutter in my kitchen. perhaps if i could have seen more i might have loved something so much that i could deal with the corrugated metal. probs not tho. but hey, i DO think the walls and ceiling add a sort of cool visual interest. i just don't think i'd like them long term. plus loud. plus metal smell? plus how you wipe down metal? plus garage vibe. 


the head scratcher....

rustic and refined in canada.

so i think this kitchen is okay. you know i love a kitchen with a built in furniture thing going on. and i also love a galley kitchen. even if this galley is wide AF for a galley. but at the end of the day it's a bit all over the place for me style wise. i don't love, or even like waterfall style counters/islands. the floors seem to clash or something. the stools are too zen for me. and the styling in the hutch was an afterthought. but i could paint the floors and change the stools so there's that. 


the easy no for me...

i wasn't surprised many of you picked this one for your own fave but i was surprised so many of you picked it for me. those floating wood shelves are what completely kill it for me. also i don't love the shade of blue. i'd have probably gone a little muddier and moodier, if not lighter. this was my least favorite. the placement of those shelves seems so odd. maybe it's just the angle of the photo. 


pretty but just not me...

also surprised some of you chose this as my favorite. yes to the herringbone floors. the finish on the cabinets is real pretty. but it's kind of austere and doesn't seem very practical. like it's a great kitchen to pour some wine in, brew a solid cup of coffee, slice a grapefruit, throw together a kale salad...but it doesn't look like a kitchen i can throw down in. pretty, just not me. 


my pick then was...


the 1920's cottage. 

this is close to what i'd probably do to my own kitchen if i were to remodel. 

i don't know that i'd put a small table in (as much as i LOVE this little marble table)...maybe? or would i go island with storage. there doesn't appear to be a lot of surface area for the aforementioned throwing down. the table is so good though. i would change all the lighting. even though i get the lighting and don't HATE's just a bit too ice cream parlor for me. the windows are great. the floors are good. i think overall it just works. it gives me major downton abbey vibes and i am good with that. 


thanks for playing. this was fun. 

and i'd have played the professional kitchen pick too but that would be too easy for you to guess. it was this one by a landslide.