just cuz it's pretty

i saw these sheets on etsy and was like whoa. the blue is so beautiful. you don't find sheets like this anymore and if you do they are probably made by that olatz woman and they cost more than a brand new car. these are $80. 

unfortunately for me they only fit a full size bed. 

they would be perfect for a young girl's room. 


here's what i imagined...


a super saturated green on the walls. a peacock wicker headboard, a contrast-y red rug with the same minty green in spots on the floor, a red suzani lumbar to tie in the red from the rug, some pretty vintage lamps, something wood and inlaid, this table is a dream. it's $$ though. would also make a great bar. and this chaise....you really must look at it up close. although i don't fancy a 3k chaise as practical in a kid's room i'll bet you could find a chaise on craigslist and reupholster it with a similar vibe.