friday things

guys. my garden is finally looking like a garden of impressive effort. 

my melon vines are taking over the sides of the box and growing up into the surrounding fence. it's proper garden shit. i have one big pepper that i am waiting to turn red before i pick (praying to god that nothing eats it first). i have delicious little grape tomatoes that i pick and eat immediately. i have a beefsteak tomato plant that has lots of large fruit but all still green. there are 2 okra plants growing quite large but nothing happening on the vegetable end. and my zucchini plants are assholes. i tell you i am literally the only person who can't grow this prolific vegetable. basil is on point tho. and my dill is too pretty to harvest so i don't. plus the bees and butterflies seem to enjoy it. 

i'll take some pics today and post on insta


i want heart of gold everything. but this in particular. but really everything.


fall needs to hurry because i just bought this entire outfit


i also just got this at target and i can assure you i have barely taken it off.

it's sold as a nightie/chemise but you could totally wear it as at least a beach cover up. i've worn it after my shower and into bed and it is THE best for this sweltering piss poor southern summer heat. the color says purple but it's 100% blue. more like a periwinkle. i am going to buy a few more because as it is now i have had to wash this 3 times this week in order to wear it every day. it comes in pink floral, black and gray floral also. 

it has the sweetest little tassel hem. i got a M and it's loose but i like it that way. 


have a great weekend! 


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