friday things

see more of this little slice of italian heaven right here



cute dishtowels you guys. and under 10$ for a pack of 3. and delivered prime you can have them by tomorrow. because sometimes you need new dishtowels and fast. 



i made this onion dip for the 4th and it was amazing. the onions cook away on the stove for 2 hours and then you fold them into yogurt and mayonnaise and some lemon juice and balsamic vinegar and celery salt....blah blah was gooder than shit. pro picnic tip- throw your dip in a pretty bowl and set that bowl in a larger bowl FILLED WITH ICE. no one wants botulism. 



here's your weekend cocktail. paloma slushies. throw everything into the blender including the limes (peeled, left whole) and you just body slammed summer. 

how stupid cute are these vintage seashell placemats?

i'd pair them with these pretty plates.