is it thursday?

i have a list of things to blog about. 

the trouble is i just haven't had the time. 

it's the week before school starts and that feels overwhelming. i have to start thinking about lunches. i hate lunches. fiona hates lunches. we all hate lunches. 

there's organizing to do. and school clothes to figure out and put in the drawers all user friendly and ready for bleary eyed grabbing in the dark.

and there are strict bedtimes to adhere too now which is going SO GREAT

and then there's that carpool meeting to which i have agreed to grill peaches topped with maple mascarpone and toasted slivered almonds. 

plus i have to do tracy anderson for an hour every day so i can keep drinking the amount of booze i need to stay sane. 

time is slipping it seems. 

 all that to say....

does anyone remember a cookie back in the 80's, maybe 90's that was a soft baked chocolate chip cookie with mint flavor? 

i saw this recipe on food 52 and it jarred a memory. 

i used to love those cookies whatever they were...keebler? 

if i had more time i'd google it. or just make them. 


we'll talk next week.