back to schoooool

today marks the first 6 am wakeup call (on purpose) in approximately 80 days. 

i don't mind getting up that early except for the fact that that's more hours in a day to shove food in my mouth. 

guys. i have a 7th grader. 

when i started this blog she was THREE. 

now we're shopping for bras and extra strength deodorant.


here are some kewl back to school things we either own or are in a virtual cart...

if you're kid is like mine hooks are to him/her as wooden spoons are to a giraffe. 

if it goes on a hook fiona still puts it on the floor. 1 foot from said hook. mind boggling. 

these greetings hooks from anthro are cute. plus if she rolls her eyes at them for saying what i try to then only one of us has hurt feelings. 


basics from h&m are a staple around here. black on black is her preference. so i get her a cute little contrast-y boot so she doesn't look like a shooter.  black t-shirt here. and black jeans here.


these water bottles from klean kanteen are great. stainless steel, eco friendly and come in a variety of colors.  


fiona wanted a space backpack this year. 

this roller skates backpack would have been my choice if i was 12. 


i'm an idiot sometimes. (many of you are nodding. that's cool. i get it. i am.)

i sent fiona to school for an entire year with heavy glass food containers in her lunch bag. 

because a. i'm an idiot. and b. plastic is really bad. 

some of my mom friends told me about reusable sandwich and snack bags. 

i felt like a superdumdum. i mean why wouldn't it even occur to me to get these?!

well idiot no more. i got these by art of lunch

get a few sets. throw 'em in the dishwasher to clean. 


want to know how else i am an idiot?

in addition to an entire year of heavy glass food containers fiona also carried around a GINORMOUS ice pack in her packit foldable, FREEZABLE lunch bag. 

so basically i could have been throwing the lunch bag into the freezer to freeze it's BUILT IN FREEZER PACKS. but no. i just assumed that was insulation to keep the food cold from the ice pack you added to the inside. 

total donkey. 


fiona loves space and cats. these decomposition books are made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper that was processed chlorine free and printed with soy ink so that it can be recycled again. there are loads to choose from if your little isn't into kittens in space


and i managed to sneak this sweet embroidered blouse from zara into the back to school clothing mix. 


in addition to all that...

i think these healthy no bake peanut butter breakfast bars might make life easier.

and if you're in need of some school lunch ideas check out my pinterest board. some real successes here. like this one. this one. and this one