mini kitchen makeover

the other day i decided i wanted to clean out the lower half of my kitchen cabinets. 

the whole deal. ya know? take everything out, assess what you use or haven't ever used or haven't used in years and then process that item accordingly. but then also get out the dawn dish soap/vinegar combo and scrub the everything? this was such a satisfying endeavor that i continued to do the drawers as well. next will be the upper cabinets which are, arguably, the worst. and no, i am not doing this all in one day. or even 2. more like a cabinet a day. 2 drawers a day. that kind of thing. it's working for me. i find that if i do 2 drawers or a few cabinets a day that i clean them more thoroughly than if i had tried to get it all done in one day. i mean i scrub till the old paint comes off.

but all this purging and cleaning has me wanting a little kitchen re-fresh. 

look this is not my dream kitchen because i can't rip it out and start over. which, if i bought this house i would do. so instead i have to find little pick me ups, like a shiny new faucet, toaster, paint and towels, etc. 

it got me looking into budget/mini kitchen makeovers. 

you know the ones...the owner or renter worked with the existing cabinets and layout and maybe replaced the countertops or backsplash...or maybe painted over them? yeah those.

those are my favorite anyway. 


like from this....

to this...


or this...

to this...


so i've been thinking about painting my cabinets which are a hideous yellow cream. the walls are an awesome green i had mixed at benjamin moore to copy ben pentreath's london kitchen. and the dining room just off the kitchen is farrow and ball's teresa's green. so i kind of want to stay in that green/blue family for the cabinets. just brighter. because why not? 

 a few simple fixes like a new pendant, faucet and accessories and i'd be pretty happy.