friday things + eat happy winners

i love love love love these little uneven square tiles. i love the pearliness, i love the way the backsplash becomes a shelf. i just think it's so interesting. someone tell me how this is, are they fired to be wonky or is it all in the application? via the socialite family



it's that time of year here in atlanta where it really is not advisable to be outside after 8 am.

no item of clothing you own is going to help you stay cool. your skin is a burden.

your AC is struggling to keep up. you put your sleep t shirt in the freezer before bed.

where 5 seconds ago you were heralding summer and how glorious it is and now you can't wait for that first 50 degree morning and air that you can actually breathe in. 

it's called fall y'all and it needs to be brought. because LOOK at those boots.

via sandra semburg



10 things your landscape architect wishes you knew.

i found this to be very informative. and i am not hiring one. 



 this transcribed speech sums up my feelings completely on the matter. if you were wondering. 



planning a visit to this dream of a place. should i go this fall or wait til next summer?

who's been? 


and now the winners of eat happy-


the winners at random are- chesa and ms smart.

please email me and give me your mailing addresses.

thank you guys so much for entering. and if you didn't win just get the book anyway!! 


have an awesome weekend. stay cool.