reader request - leather arm chairs

i like reader requests. i like a task. 

so when i was asked to do a post on leather arm chairs and where to find good ones i set out to find them. 

i also like leather arm chairs and think 2 things about them in general.

they are:

1. most of them are hideous. even the vintage ones. but especially contemporary ones. 

2. if you want ones that will last and last and last you're going to pay at least 1000 per chair. probably more. 


now reader alex was specifically into these from my friday post mentioning the glen wilde...


i'm not 100% sure these chairs are vintage but based on the mustache style (that's the top part that looks like the shape of a mustache) i'm going to assume that they are. and they were probably scored somewhere locally. like tucked away in someone's basement. because vintage leather mustache chairs are expensive. and what kind of crazy person puts 20k leather armchairs in a vacation rental? the other option is there is a really great source for reasonably priced leather armchairs that look vintage french.

and if you know about this source...please tell us all. 


so i took a peek around and found some affordable options. well, i suppose affordable is relative. but given my own personal opinion on leather armchairs - if you want something that's going to last you're probably going to spend a few thousand dollars on 2 chairs. they are leather after all. and no one wants to sit on hard leather. so i say splurge. you'll have them forever and the soft leather will just get softer. if you can't afford a few thousand dollars on chairs you need to buy something vintage, built like a tank, in the shape of the leather armchair of your dreams and save up to reupholster it in a soft buttery leather. there are plenty of sources for leather upholstery out there.'s what i came up with:


1. french vintage mustache style leather club chairs - these are my favorite of the bunch. they look comfy as all get out and i like the velvet seat. also the price seems right. though i'd offer less. 

2. moustache style vintage chairs - these are pretty spectacular but priced around 10k. bye me. 

3. leather club chairs c. 1980's - i could get behind these in the right space. price is great. 

4. vintage brown leather club chairs - these seem to blur the line between vintage and contemporary. like you could tell me they were old or new and i'd nod. either way, nice looking soft leather. 

5. saddle brown leather club chairs - these are new-ish i think. but they do have a strong art deco vibe which i like. good size. best price of the bunch. 


now i did manage to find some big box store options...west elm, crate and barrel and restoration hardware...

the thing of it is these chairs are not cheaper by any stretch. but if you prefer new to old these are my favorites. 

1. crate and barrel eiffel french leather club chair - this is kind of a terrible picture, the color of the leather looks turd-ish. but there are options. i'm thinking it looks better in person. 

2. restoration hardware parisian leather chair - on sale! 

3. west elm sedgwick leather recliner - also on sale. many leather options. including a sexy green. but for our purposes here i'd go with the molasses. (cognac is pictured)


there you have it.

if you have a request email me. i'd love to do this on the reg. if i can.