friday things

if you follow my instagram stories you will know that i got stung inside my nose by a yellow jacket tuesday morning. that was a special kind of pain that i won't soon forget. but i am here to tell you that you should always have activated charcoal on hand bc i swear to god that stuff is magic. neutralize venom. pop it on a zit. brush your teeth with it, and i can attest to it's efficacy for stopping diarrhea in it's tracks, as well as decrease bloating in general. especially after eating something disagreeable. 


the next einstein is 23 years old. and female. 


this is so pretty considering what it's actually used for. 


this was the easiest, quickest and most delicious chicken and dumplings i've ever made. 

it calls for already prepared chicken which i roasted earlier in the day but you could make this even easier by using a store bought rotisserie chicken. but i can't attest to it being as delicious. 


amazon prime members will get special discounts at whole foods. holy shit. yes!


 this tuna salad sounds delicious. do u eat tuna salad on bread or do you scoop it up with crackers? i'm the latter. 


that's really all i have guys. 

have a wonderful weekend.