friday things

you guys it's like my brain has a separate compartment called "farmhouse vibes". i don't ever stop adding things to my pinterest board. and thankfully the vibe isn't all over the place. i do tend to stick to the american farmhouse look. but there are a number of english farmhouse pins as well. and maybe a few french farmhouse too?  

the house above comes from light locations and it's so perfect. i would have made a few different furniture/decor choices. but overall it's an A+. 


speaking of farmhouses...

do you guys know about the floating farmhouse in the catskills? 

it's amazing looking. and it's a vacation rental. six beds sleep nine guests plus a pull out couch and an inflatable queen. i want to go right now. who's in?

seriously, did you miss out on a summer vacation this year? have a look around. it's almost like you're there. also be sure to check out the before and after page. it's like...OHHH! THAT'S how intense renovating an old house is!


s'mores pop tart slab pie. perfect for that last push into complete summer body expansion.


do you search for the candle that is miraculously summer, winter, fall and spring all in one?

this is it

no but really, the scent just never feels out of place. hard to describe. 


you know those realisation par tops that every "fashion girl" is sporting these days?

get the look for (much) less with this roma top from farrow

(i have this one and it's pretty but it's silk and it's delicate and i sweat and my boobs pop the little silk covered buttons out of their little button holes).


and finally..

so this conversation happened between a couple of writers i like on twitter

(could be one of the funniest things i've read)


have a great weekend.