friday things

amanda pays and corbin bernsen's farmhouse in the south of france.

both of whom are now professional house flippers. they've simplified their aesthetic and are devoted to sticking to a tight budget. most of their stuff was either found in a flea market or built by corbin. they wrote a book about it of which i have ordered bc i dig their vibe. 


detox dark chocolate almond butter cups.

while i don't think these belong in any true detox diet they most definitely won't throw you into a sugar coma if you have just one. they are super pretty too. could make a single serving 3 ingredient nutella brownie instead.

because a pan of nutella brownies when you're the only one home is worse than anything. 


one of my least favorite phrases is "age appropriate". i have always hated it and thought...says who?! followed quickly by...fuck you! 

these makeup tips for mature skin break the rules. and look how beautiful and sexy 62 year old jacky o'shaughnessy looks! her hair breaks rules too. fuck rules. 


i personally think this trailer is awesome. it's weird and wonderful. 

and if they don't air it in the US i will CUT SOMEONE!



the duffer brothers want you to fix your tv settings before watching stranger things season 2. 

i'm into it. 


that's it from me. 

have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. 

and if you haven't donated to harvey relief and want to- here are the two i donated to:

team rubicon 


houston spca

you can also go to amazon and purchase items from a list made by the american red cross that are actually needed. 

you can also make a donation via your amazon account directly to the american red cross

thanks friends.