saturday things

thinking friday things should be saturday things? i usually have a lot more time on saturday to blog than i do on friday so there's that. and don't you actually have a lot more time to click links on a saturday? 


ah to be 25, italian and rich AF. 

for serious tho, gilda ambrosio is style goals. 



this is my go to chili. it makes enough to feed an army so we eat it for a few days and freeze the rest. or you could have company over and shit. 


if you have time to click one link let it be this

thanks to susan for the heads up. not for nothing but susan brinson of house of brinson never fails in her recommendations.  


i'm sorry but i don't hate gwyneth like everyone else does. i find her to be incredibly smart and frankly we need her. i think this article speaks to how and why this is true, at least for me. 

also add me to the list of people that will fork out $12 for the goop magazine. because a. i like magazines. nothing better than a new magazine to flip through. and b. i'm not opposed to sticking a jade egg in my cooter. doesn't mean i'll do it but i wanna know why i should. 

“I don’t think our culture’s that good at understanding that life is a lot less concrete than we typically think—there’s a lot that’s unseen, in terms of energy and emotionality and psychology, and that all plays an important part in our lives.”



this kitchen before and after. only it's the before i love more.

oh man. i would have loved the chance to re do that kitchen. don't get me wrong, the after is beautiful and i get why they completely gutted it (spacial issues, darkness, different styles etc..) but i would've painted all the cabinets, whited out the beams, changed the hardware and floor, added an island and called it a day. 

this late summer bolognese looks interesting. no meat. all veggies served over polenta. it looks like the perfect seasonal transition. comforting but light. 


guys...i have used this lash enhancing serum for the allotted time it says to use to see results and it truly is pretty magical. it says you'll see results in 4-6 weeks with full results in 3 months. i didn't really see much change at the 4-6 week mark, i thought it wasn't working and was pissed i spent that money. but then, holy hell my lashes were starting to look like caterpillars. it hasn't been the full 3 months, more like 2 but i went from eh...this isn't working to must get more. so the moral is be patient. the reason i bought it is bc i had lash extensions for about 3 months and tho i did love the convenience of never having to wear mascara or eye make up in general it is a lot of maintenance and $. but when i took them off my real lashes were almost non existent. my lower lashes were now twice as long as my upper lashes. which isn't cute. so...if you want fluffier, longer lashes...give this a go. 


i am working on a budget version of my nyfw picks. coming monday! 

and yes, i found replicas so far for almost everything. 


 weekend your face off!