fashion week on a budget - london edition

i really feel like this little capsule of clothes is a good start to becoming america's next top street style fashion champion. 


get on board with the oversized hoodie as fashion. i personally am all over it because comfort and warmth. i mean don't wear it with jeans and sneakers or anything stupid like that. one must pair it with fancy satin mules or heeled boots.  

a wide oversized dress over jeans is my new favorite thing. i might belt it so i don't look too frumpy. it's not a great look otherwise if you have giant tits. 

you could throw a rock at the internet and it would hit a pair of sock booties. i love this hot pink pair and the price is just right. 

head to toe floral seems right these days. floral blazer + matching trousers

houndstooth trench to wear as dress over jeans. 

these high waisted cords in this perfect color are my favorite find. LOOK at them!

we all need them. 

loving this black double breasted blazer with shorts and tall boots. but will also wear it with cropped black pants or with a turtleneck underneath and some tweedy trousers or with a hoodie underneath. so many ways to mix this into a different vibe. 


happy weekend guys.