sunday things

saturday sunday who cares. 

do you like my moodboard with leaves? i did that bc fall.

it's fall! 

even if it doesn't feel like it you can't take that fact away CLIMATE CHANGE


add this new york farmhouse to farmhouse goals. see original farmhouse goals here. now i need farmhous-EZZZZ! 


skillet apple pie


if you've not seen the trailer for wes anderson's newest film, isle of dogs yet, here you go. while i would've rather it had been wes anderson's newest film, isle of cats- i am still pretty psyched to see it. i mean it could have been wes anderson's newest film, isle of turds and i still would have been psyched to see it. feel me?

speaking of films, mother is getting terrible reviews and it is getting awesome reviews. 

anyone out there able to comment on this? 


this little chunky cardigan is only $40 and really cute. there's only one size left and it's a 10 which i think is perfect if you are medium build like me.  


hayley mitchell is an insta acquaintance. we follow each other and like each other's posts. we send comments through insta stories and it's cute. you've probably seen her faces before. recently she drew flowers in pastels on kraft paper and cut them out and they are my favorite thing right now. 


do you ever get blue/down/depressed and need music to carry you into a state of deep feels?

please listen to an acoustic sia

even if you are none of those things please listen to acoustic sia. 

things listening to acoustic sia is good for-

1. when you are on the verge of tears but they just won't come and you need them to so you can purge the feelings. 

2. deep cleaning- your heart. your mind. your toilet. your baseboards. etc...

3. car karaoke with yourself.

4. understanding just how much your voice sucks.

5. realizing how good sia's voice really is. 


enjoy the rest of your weekend.