friday things

the gucci home collection finally arrived. i'd like this candle and this wallpaper.  and this tray table. what if i took some paint to this cheap metal folding table? would that make me the coolest or the worst? 


nyfw started yesterday so expect a lot of fashion-y posts next week. i love this outfit and would totally wear it. plus bonus points for a fanny pack and it's gunt hiding abilities. #gunthidingabilities


last night marked my first concert in 100 years. i don't like concerts too much bc crowds are not fun for me. but future islands is pretty special and i made an exception. i was SO close! 


in other news-

these shoes are coming to live with me. i'll try not to fall.

this blazer too. 


have a safe weekend. if you're in atlanta from florida escaping that slut irma let me know. i'll make you a cocktail.