bright and pretty

i came across this rug the other day and nearly fell out of my chair. ya'll know how much i love a chinese art deco rug. this one is incredible. seriously. go look at all the images. 

i decided to put together a little situation using it. 

and it's giving me margherita missoni in milan vibes. 

opera house abstract painting - guys, this is my painting and i love it and it works in every single room in my house. it's up for grabs and very deeply discounted. 

oil painting of a nude woman

brass and pink enamel pendant light 

floral wall sconce - i am obsessed with this. it's electric and the flowers are the lights! it's also pretty darn big. 

blue velvet sofa

pillows l. to r. - pink dots, block print, green dots, citrus pair

painted desk

ceramic monkey