friday things

i am writing this on a bulletproof coffee buzz. which is essentially a clean, fat fueled cocaine high. anyway, bear with me. my fingers are trying very hard to keep up with my brain. 

while we're here though, let's discuss the BP diet. i am basically a highly skilled, unpaid researcher so i am very good at finding all the things written about any one thing and then attacking said thing. in this case the BP diet. i know you can get super fat from it if you don't follow it to a T. which is: you and carbs are through. it's meat, fat, veggies and coffee for you from this point on. i started looking into it bc i was very curious about the intermittent fasting portion of the program. 

the idea is you don't eat past 8 pm (easy for me) and don't eat your first meal until 2 pm the next day. bitch whuut? ok but enter bulletproof coffee. she is supposed to save you from the hungries til that time. and yes, you can customize your fast to suit you. you can also work your way up to a longer fast. so i have kinda toyed around with it. i have MOSTLY cut out carbs. i need a salty chip or 3 mid afternoon with my wine. yeah, and then there's the wine thing. it's apparently toxic? yeah yeah, i know. FUCK this diet. BUT...i am still going to see if i can't do the one BP coffee in the morning and stave off the food as long as i can. just to see if the brain benefits on that whole fasting thing actually work. i want the energy and fat burning.

here's the thing...i can't imagine not eating is doing your metabolism any long term favors nor is it helping your adrenal system. also there's that whole nutrient deficient thing. so for me, this is merely an experiment. i need more morning energy. and i sleep good (most nights), i've tried every conceivable food group to see if it's that. but no matter what, by 11 am i want to crawl back in bed with a bowl of ice cream. also there's a woman i follow on insta who does IF. not bulletproof, she's just a beast and fasts for 16 hours and she claims to have LOADS of energy. though she eats REALLY clean. like, cleaner than i would ever want to. 

so far i will say that i have felt a little more alert and energetic. at first i feel like i've just done a line of cocaine but that subsides relatively quickly and this feeling of clear focus begins. BUT, i'm hungry like 20 minutes after. i can ignore it mostly since there's no grumbling or growling but there's this mild sensation of desperation, like panic that i won't eat anything for a while and i get a little scared. i'm sure this will go away.

  anyway...anyone on the BP diet? do it and it didn't work out? love it? discuss. 


moving on...


you guys this kitchen is amazing. it's head to toe green and i just think that's awesome. that gorgeous marble breaks it up. also i didn't know i needed a giant mortar and pestle, but i do. 



i've been hearing a lot about sardines lately. they are loaded with B vitamins and so i bought some the other day and made a sort or lemony tartine. it tasted like sardines. which is to say, the accumulated runoff of a cannery, in the alley behind said cannery, near the wharf in san francisco. but then i came across this- while totally not bulletproof a hangover pasta recipe sounds like exactly what you'd want and need after a night out. 



did you guys know you can head here and print out THREE luke edward hall sketches for free?



recently went down the rabbit hole that is youtube, actually it's more like a black hole, and managed to watch about 4 hours of makeup tutorials by sam chapman of pixiwoo

she is so stunning. 



have you seen call me by your name yet? i saw it a week ago today and have not stopped thinking about it. everything about it is perfection. i could have turned around and gone in and watched it again. the last time i felt that way was when i watched the crying game back in 1992. oddly, similar man on man action.'s breathtaking and heartbreaking and all the things. i would recommend seeing it in the theatre so you can really take in that scenery. the house, the countryside, armie hammer.