friday things

you guysss. look at all the monochromatic things. australian stylists really do have the best homes. 


i made this skillet roasted chicken with cabbage last night and it was SO FUCKING EASY and delicious. i didn't even spatchcock the chicken (which is still easy enough but i didn't feel like doing it), instead i just used chicken thighs. the cabbage was cooked perfectly and tasted like all the best parts of the chicken. sure, i've done this with potatoes and onions and various root vegetables. but it never occurred to me to use cabbage. and it took me all of 5 minutes to prepare it. 


these madewell sweatpants are on sale and they are good. 


also on sale and FUCKING NECESSARY are these heattech leggings. they are 8 bucks. buy 5. 


watching this compilation of commercials from the 70's felt like a warm hug. 


i'm still drinking bulletproof coffee and doing intermittent fasting and following a ketogenic diet. it's interesting to say the least. it's a massive challenge for me as i am not very metabolically flexible as a type 1 diabetic. this interview with dr. jason fung is what really sold me on IF. also i know some of you asked me about the woman i follow on IG who does IF...her name is priscilla soligo. i found her via the tracy anderson streaming hashtags i follow. she is really the one who introduced me to the idea of IF.