fuck, it's cold.

well guys i am officially retiring my party hat for a while. consider me in deep hibernation from the outside world. i haven't had a bra on since sunday. thankfully my bloated lindsay lohan abdomen is creating a nice shelf for my boobs to rest on. my eye was swollen shut when i woke up this morning and i have no idea why. my body shutting down because of the alcohol and food abuse? on top of that it's the coldest i can remember it being in a really really really long time. i know it's colder in ny and montana and fargo and 60% of the country. i know. i know. but for us here in the semi tropical southern US, 19 is fucking cold. we aren't prepared. i have on 3 pairs of socks. i'm in a state of helpless depression, stress eating brownies, over all the animals out there. there's an image of a frozen puppy that some asshole posted on facebook and i can't get it out of my mind. A FROZEN PUPPY. 

i think sometimes the only thing that truly helps is retail therapy. what's more awesome when you're trapped inside like a doomsday prepper than receiving boxes from the UPS man?!  today it's sweaters. warm sweaters. CUTE, warm (mostly really affordable) sweaters.