do you etsy?

i LOVE etsy. like hard, real love. call me by your name love. 

these items are staring back at me in my favorites..



french enamel plaque - just think this is cool. would be awesome mixed in with more traditional elements in an earthy modern room.


peel and stick tile decals - aren't they great? 


antique silk chinese throw - too rich for my blood. also my cats would destroy it but LOOK AT IT. 


moroccan sabra cactus pillow - such a pretty blue and a really good price. comes in other colors as well. 


8 vintage glass owl ornaments - how psyched would you be to pull these out next christmas?  


30 vintage french cake and tart molds - love the utilitarian vibe. would be cool as a wall display or just stacked on a shelf or with little tea lights inside for your next party, indoor or out. 



vintage pink embroidered pillowcase - how cute is this? in a little girl's room.


and finally....