saturday things

i really like these shoes. and they're cheap so i like them more. 


ok this stuff is really great. every morning when i put it on i feel like a winner. it's fantastic alone, over your serum and moisturizer in dryer/colder climates and perfect as a moisturizer/primer in humid/warmer climates. or as the final layer before foundation. and the cool thing is the glow really does come through under your makeup. and the other cool thing is that you can pop a bit more on over your foundation at the end of the day to freshen things up a bit. 


this image of laura sullivan's garden in ny always, ALWAYS inspires me to start planning for spring. even though i really am a TERRIBLE gardener and i am constantly scooping cat shit out of what is presumably a giant litter box, i try.  

i ordered these seeds which i can't WAIT to plant and subsequently kill-



fiona's bed game just got a little stronger with the addition of THE SOFTEST duvet cover full of cats and a kantha quilt


speaking of bed things. this silk pillowcase has a very agreeable price tag and let's all just start saving our faces ok? comes in 9 colors. i went with moonless night because of this vibe right here


guys i'm living the keto life these days and i think it's really smart. it's also really hard. because i think most people get it wrong. this cookbook has the best reviews. her blog is FULL of information. i mean, FULL. it's the most thorough keto resource i've ever seen. it's also catered to keto for women which is heaps different than keto for men. so she tells me. 

are you keto? i'd love to know your fave blogs, books, sites, recipes etc..