january vibes


i'd like to be that person that skis in winter for like, 2 weeks. then promptly warms their bod on the beaches of FUCKING ANYWHERE.

but instead i will just continue to pin garden images and freshly painted white floors in between laundering all of my socks because i am literally wearing all of them at once. 

resin face wall decor

'barometric pressure' abstract painting

cole and son 'khulu vases' wallpaper

1970's thick cut velvet sofa

black mirrored cabinets

crystal mary by kyle montgomery - OBSESSED with them. i inquired. he takes commissions. see here too. obsessed i tell you. 

round green velvet cushions

arts and crafts rug

marc jacobs eye palette 

light blue velvet fringed ottoman

canada goose down puffer jacket

fleece lined leggings