monday things

crap. i missed friday things. because i was too busy throwing shit at my tv. #ibelieveher

now it’s october. we had a bit of a cooler weekend (and by cooler i mean 82 instead of 92) with a faint hint of fall in the air. spiders are everywhere in their webs and it’s making me feel very halloweeny. already planning costumes. i’ve got some ideas. i’ll share in the next few weeks.

anyway…monday’s things:

a delightful instagram to follow.

this california roadhouse inn is giving me halloween vibes. the greenish-black exterior is REALLY cool.

if you read blogs you’ve probably already seen robert kime’s london flat. but just in case. rugs, rugs and more rugs, well made furniture and antiques are what you’re in for. also that casual vibe about it all. how does one actually DO that?

i know it’s fall but can we talk about this 10-minute lime cracker pie for a second? i’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s probably friggin delicious. 5 ingredients and one of them is a sleeve of ritz crackers. i’ll bet you could put a halloween spin on this.

madewell now has a men’s selection.

who among you dermarolls? i am very curious about it because it makes more sense to me in the collagen boosting department than any powder. (i heard from a dermatologist that you can’t ingest collagen to improve the production of it…or something like that) anyway, it’s also CHEAP. i think like 28 bucks for the whole shebang. plus how to do it at home.

hello very cute, very now bag for $59.

this is long but enjoyable.

happy best month of all!