halloween costume ideas

if you’re like me you’re putting your costume together at 4 pm on october 31st.

not this year.

this year i’m slightly ahead of the game.

it’s just down to choosing which one.

help me.

will it be:


the “this is how you throw a party in mykonos bitch dancing lindsay lohan” costume?

in case you missed this iconic representation of an icon being a total icon:

what i’ll need:


there aren’t many sliver jumpsuits out there (go figure) but i managed to find a few.

this one & this one

of course i’ll need a savagely long red wig, some silver bangles, a pair of classic lilo aviators and a flashy polish. (not shown: a small bag of cocaine)

or, do i go as:


everyone’s favorite heroine with a heart of vodka, camille preaker from sharp objects?

super easy costume. most of us probably have everything we need…


sweater / jeans / wig / boots / bag

the question is do i go method and fill the evian bottle up with vodka or just stick to water?

i think we all know the answer to that question.

ok which one?